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Customer Service at Richer Sounds Essay Example for Free

Customer Service at Richer Sounds EssayRicher Sounds believe that the approximately important measure of the success would be to give e really their clients a great service and satisfaction. This is even important than making the attain margins high and gaining a lot of profit this is because Any organisation can increase their profits by increasing prices of goods, buying cheaper and low quality goods, cutting down on employees and m any more scarce doing this Richer Sounds believe that there routine be good guest service due to less employees, customers wont purchase any expensive crossways which is not of good quality and through this they will keep losing customersThe federation believes once a customer purchases a product and thinks it was at low price and also sees it is wrap up good quality with an excellent customer service given to him the he/she will al ways campaign to come back to purchase more goods, in-fact the customer whitethorn also tell some of its frie nds and families active the prices that Richer Sounds have and like this the company will benefit in getting new-fashioned and new customers all the time. How Richer Sounds strive to achieve superb customer service They think the following are important wariness commitment this means every director and every manager states the customer service as most essential in the business. This also means spending notes to give excellent services Recruiting and instruct right people Colleagues are looked at their personalities and attitude while there are been giving an interview. every colleagues that have been given the job have a 3 day induction course which even concentrates in teaching the new colleagues how to give an excellent customer service Motivated colleagues if all colleagues are treated well and valued they will give good service to customers.For this rationalness the colleague supporting function is so critical. Measuring the results The best way to find the right results are to need customer themselves therefore Richer Sounds does this through it sales questionnaires. Richer Sounds also have a mystery shopper who looks how well the colleagues manage their customers and how greatly they give customer service. The company also has telephone call system, which is been recorded, and through this they check how well computer storage colleagues answer to customer problems. A customer friendly environment this include the ease of walking about the store, the layout of the store and how well are the products displayed and also how well each customer will be capable to search for his/her product The company insist their colleagues to wear smart clear clothes with clear stool badges and to spot all their customers. Responding to customer needs Training in customer service All new colleagues have to attend the three day induction course before they are allowed to serve customers. age doing this course they are also taught on the aspects of customer service, which includes How to approach a customer within the stores Richer Sounds has some(prenominal) policies on approaching a customer such as Not to approach a customer as soon as they have entered the store for any help, Once a customer enters they should greet them by saying hello and most strict rule is to not approach anyone from behind because it may scare them and only approach from the side or from the front The appearance of the colleagues all colleagues working in the sores have to were the Richer Sounds uniform with a name badge on it How to cope on busy eld All tills must be used to serve customers and try to serve quite faster. When the queues are very long colleagues should offer customers standing and not standing in the queues a cup of tea or coffee. Usually no customers like to wait in queues especially when the store I very crowded. How to ask questions to customers colleagues should ask questions relating on the type of product they are l ooking for and not to encourage customers to buy items they dont wont because richer sounds believe this is the worse thing to do. How to handle payments the company uses all types of credit cards or any type of purchase whether the item is 99p or even if the item is i 99. 99. This is because there are propagation when people wont to pay later for the item they need because you get a time consummation to pay the amount and there are times when customers may have forgot their money at denture but want to purchase the item so they can use the credit card. Due to this reason no one may leave the store without anything just because they forgot their money. How to cope with technical questions Health and resort each colleague should know how to discern actions in emergency to do this they may need this training How to deal customers who have disabilities All colleagues should have respect for customers who have disabilities and should help them in all ways for which product the y are looking for. All colleagues should be truthful in what they sell and how much they take because if there is a blind person needing a tape player the colleagues shouldnt charge more money to what it should be. How Richer Sounds Identify Customer needs and ExpectationThere are three main ways how richer sounds rate customer needs and expectation, which are The till receipt questionnaires these are most important questionnaires because everyone who purchases a product will receive and if they taught they did get treated well at the store then he/she may fill the questionnaires. These questionnaires are also seen everytime the customers will see the receipt and so next time when they may come back to the store to purchase another item then they could also bring the fill up questionnaires with them.

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